How treats affect your dog’s diet

As a responsible pet owner, you know the importance of choosing a healthy diet for your dog. You have probably taken the time and effort to consult with your veterinarian about a healthy and nutritious dog food. However, whether you choose dried food, canned dog food, or make it from scratch, you may be overlooking something extremely important in your dog’s diet.

Like most dog owners, you occasionally give your best friend a treat from the table or a rawhide to chew. These treats may seem like a simple snack or tidbit, but they really can add up. You may not have considered it before, but any and all treats that you give your dog become part of their diet. The question now becomes, how significant are treats in your dog’s diet? Do you give your dog a treat once a day in the evening while watching television, or do you scatter Milk Bones throughout the day for each cute look or adorable trick?

The type of treats you give your dog also makes a difference in their diet. Do you pass out cookies and scraps from dinner, or maybe a piece of popcorn or two? Junk food for you becomes junk food for your pet. In fact, some healthy foods for you are not good for your dog. Raisins are a healthy snack for humans to munch on between meals, but they can be detrimental to the health of your dog. Remember to keep your dog’s diet healthy even during snack time with treats.

Rawhides are an area of controversy. Some pet owners and veterinarians feel they do not make a good treat for your pet, while others feel that rawhides provide entertainment and good dental health for your dog. Find out what your veterinarian recommends. If you decide to allow rawhides in your dog’s diet, avoid giving them in excess since they can create thin stools and provide many empty calories.

Dogs views a treat as just that, a special treat between meals. For the most part, they don’t care if you give them a baby carrot, a rawhide chew, or a Milk Bone. They are just happy to get the snack. If you find you provide numerous treats during the course of the day, you may need to modify your dog’s diet in order to maintain a healthy weight. Giving your pet a whole bunch of treats sure is fun for both you and your dog, but can lead to serious health troubles.

Consider altering your dog’s diet by giving him or her less treats: instead of a large Milk Bone, for example, break the treat into several smaller pieces and distribute them one at a time. This will keep your dog eating less between meals.

Ice cubes, small bits of apple, and baby carrots are great healthy treat ideas to consider when choosing a healthy diet for your dog. Such treats make little calorific difference overall and make monitoring your dog’s daily intake much easier for you. This way, you can focus solely on the food consumed during mealtime. A dog’s diet needs to be healthy to ensure they have a long and happy life.

Cat Care at Home

Cats being the playful animals that they are, you should know the basics about house cat care before taking the leap of getting one of your own.

The moment you bring the cat  into your house, you should give it his or her own room for the time being with food, water and a bed. If it has not yet been toilet trained, you should start teaching it so there are no stains in the carpet. Teaching the cat how to use the litter box can initially be done by carrying it to the box when nature calls. When you see the cat is able to do it, praise and reward your pet so they know that this is the right to do. The exact dimension of the litter box depends on the size of the cat, and must be cleaned naturally using soap and water not harsh disinfectant.

Provide your cat with a scratching pad or post so it can play around without causing any damage to your furniture. This should be 3 feet in height and placed either near the furniture or their bed. When their nails get too sharp, you should trim them so they don’t hurt you or themselves.

If your cat does something wrong like climbing up on the table or scratching the furniture,  never scold them as they are very sensitive animals. Discipline can be enforced without causing any harm by squirting water on their face.

There must be food and water at all times. The feeding dish and bowl should be made either of plastic or aluminum and cleaned. Any unfinished food must be disposed of properly.

A cat’s diet must come from high quality cat food and, although it may be more expensive than the other brands, you know that it has the right vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Aside from food, you can also give them supplements. One example is Omega 3 fatty acids that are good for their nutrition.

For those that have other pets in the house, allow some time for your pets to get acquainted with each other. If you have a dog, make sure it is kept on its leash first. If you have another cat, be ready to break off a fight since this normally happens.

House rules must be set regarding what the cat can and cannot do in the home. For instance, you can decide whether or not the cat may be allowed out of the house even if the experts have said that they must always be confined indoors.

One of the most important things about cat care is proper grooming. You can bathe the cat by wetting their head and tail with shampoo. Never lather their ears or eyes and dry them using a clean towel. Brush the hair lightly and apply combing powder so it does not get matted.

Lastly, take your cat to the vet regularly or when you see something new in their behavior since quick thinking could prevent a possible sickness from getting worse. If you don’t know any, get a recommendation from one of your neighbors.

House cat care is challenging but rewarding, but you must put in the time and effort when you decide to bring a feline companion into your home.

Thrush: Causes and Treatment

Definition and causes

The Merck Veterinary Manual describes thrush as “a degeneration of the frog with secondary bacterial infection that begins in the central and collateral sulci”, the sulci being the valleys on either side of the frog and the small groove in the middle of the frog. The bacterium that causes thrush is found in the horse’s environment, and grows very well in wet, unsanitary conditions such as dirty stalls or muddy paddocks. It is an anaerobic bacterium that prefers a low-oxygen environment, and finds the clefts of the frog a perfect place to multiply. The infection can extend into the sensitive tissue all the way into the digital plantar cushion and, if left unchecked, into the navicular and coffin bones themselves. Although a number of bacterial species may be involved in causing thrush, Fusobacterium necrophorum seems to be the most common.


A hoof infected with thrush will have an offensive odor, the surface of the frog being white and crumbly, and a thick, dark colored discharge will be found in the cracks, depressions, or fissures in the horn of the frog. Although a horse with thrush is not necessarily lame, if the infection is allowed to invade the sensitive tissues of the frog lameness will ensue, especially if thrush has found its way to the central sulcus.


The best treatment is good foot care. When thrush is found in a horse’s hoof the farrier or veterinarian will trim away the flaps of the frog to expose the infected area. From then on the following treatment recommended is as follows:

  1. Cleanse the foot, the clefts in particular, with warm water and disinfectant, using a wire brush.
  2. Clean up the horse’s living conditions, if necessary
  3. Treat with a germ-killing product. Some farriers recommend using iodine or a bleach-and-water mix, diluted 50-50. Of course, the product used will depend on how much sensitive tissue is exposed. If the infection was caught before it got very advanced and it’s only superficial, the diluted bleach would be fine. However, if the sensitive tissue of the frog has been compromised, the bleach would be much too caustic and would burn. If this case, the use of an iodine solution or commercial thrush lotion would be in order. Be careful not to use medications containing formalin if the frog is tender when cleaned out.
  4. Be careful when using a hoof pick to clean a thrush-infected hoof since you may be dealing with exposed sensitive tissue. Rather than a hoof pick, use a strip of gauze to clean a deep central sulcus, pulling it through the groove as you would dental floss.
  5. Bandage the hoof to prevent contamination.
  6. Treat the infection once a day for the first week, every other day for the second week, every third day for the third week, every fourth day for the fourth week, and then leave it alone for two weeks. Thrush usually disappears quickly and completely if the above steps are taken and seriously followed.
  7. A bar shoe may be used to promote frog regeneration

Best Nutrition for Your Dog

Nowadays the best dog food nutrition can be made available for your lovable pooch. There are numerous brand names and quality products that provide a dog good vitamin supplements. Now the advance facility of shopping gives a chance to purchase your entire dog product online from computer. There are many different kind products that can give best dog food nutrition available in market and internet with different price as well as quality. Moreover, the interactive feature of internet to search these entire products is interesting thus, provide the rate of the product so it will better searching method and one can choose the product while comparing the cost of other product. If you do not find this method suitable then search the product in local market. Before purchasing food nutrition, you must consult with a veterinary doctor. The best dog food nutrition includes the material rich in carbohydrate, calcium, protein and minerals.

Sometimes owners do not have that much of time to give a second review to what they feed their adorable pet. In such cases owner can rely on this food nutrition available in market because this act as a supplement to the food and full the entire requirement needed for the development of body. Pets are member of our family moreover, they need a special attention and especially in the matter of food. There are many advantages of feeding natural foods to dogs. All natural dog food is very rich in vitamin E and C, which is very important for their body and is essentially the best dog food nutrition available. Vitamin E keeps their skin glowing and Vitamin C is good for their bones. All these vitamins affect in the same manner as it affect in human body. Vitamin such as, beta – carotene is helpful in removing toxic from the body commonly known as free radicals.

Animals normally eat meat thus, their body gain lots of toxic material in their body and if toxic material is not removed from their body then, there are lots of chances to get infected with diseases such as, lungs and heart diseases. It is good to give a supplement of all natural food daily to keep their metabolic system free from infection and diseases. All natural dog foods are a good source of fiber and antioxidant. Some of the natural food contain manganese, phosphorous, calcium and potassium all these vitamins and minerals are very much necessary in their diet. There are many vegetable rich in antioxidant such as, dark green and bright orange. By feeding all natural dogs in their meal is just like getting a insurance policy for your loving pet.

It is very necessary to provide best dog food to our loving pets. They are one of the members of our family.